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Do You Have Scout Bees?

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At this time of year, many people are seeing bees swarming around their homes, their trees, and other areas of their property. The warm and dry spring and summer weather is prime time for bee swarms to colonize and start producing honey. But the bees buzzing around your house may not be part of an established hive, but rather, just bees scouting for a location to set up a hive.

These so-called scout bees must be dealt with promptly and properly, or else your house will likely be taken over by thousands of bees building a colony. Pro Pacific Bee Removal has a scout bee treatment to see that they do not pick your house as a site for their colony. Scout bee treatments are guaranteed for 30 days.

It may also be a good idea to consider bee proofing your house to seal up and cover those tiny cracks and openings that scouts and other bees use to get into your structure. All bee proofing jobs carry a three-year warranty. Call Pro Pacific today for details on scout bees and bee proofing or to schedule a free inspection and price estimate.

How Do You Know if You Have Scouts?

You are probably wondering how to tell if the bees you are seeing are scouts or part of an established colony. There are a few clues.

The first is that scout bees typically scope out an area for about three days before moving the larger swarm in permanently. If scouts are unable to gain entry to your structure or otherwise determine that your house is not a good site for their hive, they will move on to another location.

If you have had bees buzzing around the same general area for five days or longer, it is safe to assume that you are seeing bees from an active and growing hive, not just scout bees.

Another hint is to look at how the bees are acting. If you have a relatively small group of bees, say a dozen or so, that are generally buzzing around the eves or roof of your home but not entering and exiting the structure through the same spot, it’s probably scouts you are seeing. An active hive inside your structure would result in more consistent, back and forth movement of thousands of bees entering and exiting the hive.

Act Today to Control Scout Bees!

The most important thing in dealing with scouts, or any bees, is to take action quickly. Allowing a bee problem to go untreated for a few days or weeks can allow a relatively minor situation such as a few scout bees to blossom into a full-blown bee colony with thousands of bees and pounds of honeycomb having to be cut out of your home.

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