Pro Pacific Bee Removal

Pro Pacific: Here to Serve Realtors and Property Managers

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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Pro Pacific Bee Removal is known as a leading provider of service to residential customers in San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside County, but we also specialize in servicing Realtors and Property Managers.

Our technicians are specially trained and equipped to properly treat bee swarms and colonies, including honeycomb removal, which is an essential step toward avoiding repeat problems with bees. We handle both live removal of bees as well as extermination projects, removal and repair to get rid of honeycomb inside structures, and bee proofing work to keep bees out for good. By using Pro Pacific for all your bee-related issues, you can avoid expensive repeat problems at your homes for sale, summer rentals, commercial buildings, or other properties.

We Understand What You Need

Pro Pacific understands that when a bee problem occurs, you as a Realtor or Property Manager primarily are looking for a company who can respond quickly, in a professional manner, and take care of the problem without any hassles. You want to be able to promise to your tenants that you are taking care of the bees and not have to worry about it anymore.

You can count on Pro Pacific to be your ace in the hole for bee problems. We will take care of your tenant’s problem promptly and effectively. You can count on us!

Pro Pacific has experience servicing all kinds of managed properties, including apartment complexes, rental properties, office and commercial complexes, townhouses, and mobile homes. No matter what kind of property you manage, Pro Pacific can handle it.

Need Newsletter or Blog Content?

Many Realtors and Property Managers publish monthly or regular newsletter or blog updates to keep current clients informed and attract new clients. However, these professionals may have trouble finding the time or energy to devote to writing, editing, and publishing a newsletter, blog content, Facebook updates, and other social networking content.

At Pro Pacific, we can write and send directly to you compelling, up-to-date content about pest control, bees, and bee removal work that you can print in your newsletter or blog. Your clients will benefit from reading interesting content and you will have more time to devote to other tasks. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter content service, just call Pro Pacific at 866-904-BEES.

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