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Dog Rescues Boy from Bee Attack

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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Man’s best friend jumped into action when she noticed a swarm of bees attacking her owner.  The two were playing in the front yard when the young boy was stung several times.  The dog immediately began to distract the bees, giving the boy a chance to run towards the house.

The dog managed to make it to the door after suffering from more than 40 bee stings. The boy and his grandmother were able to get the dog to safety without letting the bees in that followed inside.

The boxer was rushed to the animal hospital, where her body swelled up significantly from the anaphylactic shock. She was unresponsive through most of the treatment but has since fully recovered along with the boy.

The dog truly prevented the young boy from being severely stung by a provoked swarm of bees. Thanks to this canine nobody was injured and the bees were safely removed from the property.

It is important to inspect your property in areas like roof eaves and overhangs for bee infestations. When you do a thorough inspection, you are ensuring safety to you, your family, and pets.

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