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Shark Spotted in La Jolla, Bee Attacks More of a Threat

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Despite the recent sightings of Great White Sharks in La Jolla Shores, marine experts state that a death from bee stings is more likely to occur than from a shark attack.  The chances of getting attacked by a shark are 1 in 264 million while bees kill about 50 to 100 people worldwide each year. Bees kill more persons annually than all venomous creatures combined.

There have been 26 shark attacks with only 1 fatality this year including the 12 attacks that occurred in Florida. In San Diego County alone there have been numerous reports all summer of bee attacks and bee stings.

Sharks usually do not attack humans since they are not the ideal food choice for them; however, bees will attack for various reasons such as being provoked, agitated, or disturbed from the slightest noise or vibration. Generally the only reason a human will be attacked by a shark is if a human is near the shark’s prey. Also, sharks often mistake surfers for seals causing surfers to be the victims of shark attacks.

On the other hand, Africanized honeybees are defensive in nature and aggressive when it comes to protecting their hive and colony.  A bee’s defense mechanism is its stinger and when it is used, a pheromone is released that alarms other bees in the colony to attack. Honeybees can attack in a swarm of thousands of bees if provoked and can cause anaphylactic shock in humans from bee venom if allergic.

If you notice a bee activity or a bee hive near your property, call a bee removal company to have the property inspected and possibly have the honeycomb removed. A live bee removal can protect your family and put them less at risk from dangerous bee attacks. Keep your chances of winning the lotto more likely than a bee attack by calling Pro Pacific Bee Removal. Pro Pacific Bee Removal offers same day service and free inspections and estimates. Call us today to keep the bees away from your home and family.

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