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Arizona Workers Attacked by Swarming Bees

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Three workers who were tearing down a closed restaurant building near Phoenix were attacked by a swarm of bees on April 6, officials said.

The men were dismantling part of a Sizzler restaurant in North Phoenix when they came upon an active bee hive, said Phoenix Fire Department authorities. One of the workers was so badly stung that responding fire crews found him lying on the ground, covered in bees. Fire fighters sprayed the man with foam to get rid of the bees before transporting the victim to a local hospital for treatment.

Two other workers also were stung but did not require medical treatment, officials said.

With the warming springtime weather following a wetter-than-average winter across Arizona and the rest of the Southwest United States, fire crews and other authorities have been extra busy responding to bee-related calls, officials said. More blooming flowers and plants mean more bees will be attracted to pollinate them, officials said.

In Phoenix, fire-fighting crews have been called out to two or three bee-related calls per day, officials said.

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