Pro Pacific Bee Removal

Bee Removals for San Diego Homeowners Protect Families

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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The infamous Africanized honeybee (aka Killer Bee) was first spotted in San Diego and surroundings cities around 1995. These honeybees began to invade properties and increase in number by the late 90’s resulting in a huge demand for bee removal and bee extermination services.

San Diego residents had swarms of thousands of bee invading their properties and posed a major threat to the safety of individuals and families.  Unlike the European Honeybee, the Africanized bee is much more aggressive and protective in nature especially around their hive. When an Africanized honeybee feels threatened by a noise, motion, or vibration, they will sting whatever they feel is threatening them.

A bee’s stinger is barbed so the stinger that is attached to their abdomen will remain in the victim’s skin and tear off their abdomen as they fly away. While this kills the bee, it also releases a pheromone that alerts other bees and causes them to attack in large numbers to protect the hive.

Just this year, there have been numerous reports of bee attacks in San Diego with some being fatal. Humans and animals alike have been targets for bee attacks, severely injuring all victims. Loud machinery or an individual stumbling across a large killer bee hive initiated most of the bee attacks this year.

Protect you and your family from the safety risk Africanized honeybees put on families with a professional bee removal service. Pro Pacific Bee Removal will inspect your property for bees and provide a written proposal for free. You will have your bees removed today and have left all the worries behind. Call Pro Pacific today to have a technician inspect your property and make recommendations to keep the bees away from your home!

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