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Bee Swarm Disrupts Parade in Texas

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Who knew even bees love a good parade? Spectators watching the Battle of the Flowers Parade in San Antonio last week got more than marching bands and floats when a swarm of honey bees forced part of the parade route to be evacuated, according to local media reports.

The city’s fire department was called out to respond to reports of the aggressive insects swarming near people who were in their seats waiting for the parade to go by. Some parade-watchers had to be evacuated from the area to avoid being stung, officials said.

The bee swarm was reported in two locations, near Commerce Street and Navarro and around Broadway and Third, according to a report on KSAT-TV. There is no word about any parade watchers or anyone else being stung by the aggressive insects.

Of course, can we really be surprised that bees might be attracted to a parade of flowers in springtime? What’s next, a honey festival?

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