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Hiker Injured in 60-Foot Fall From Bees

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A woman who was hiking on a mountain trail near Honolulu fell about 60 feet down the edge of a cliff and was seriously injured while trying to get away from a swarm of aggressive bees.

The woman, who is in her 20s, was hiking along with a group of people on the Olomana trail on Oahu when the hiking party encountered the bee swarm, according to local media reports. The hikers were between the second and third peaks of the trail when they encountered the bees, officials said.

While trying to get away from the swarm of bees, the woman slid about 60 feet down the side of the mountain. Her friends called 911 for help and rescuers responded.

A fire department helicopter was used to airlift the victim from the mountainside to a nearby park, where paramedics treated her for extensive injuries. She was listed in serious condition at a local hospital, officials said. No further details of her injuries or her updated condition were available.

While most injuries associated with bee swarms are relatively minor bee stings, many people suffer sprained ankles and other serious injuries while trying to escape bees. In this latest case from Hawaii, the victim is lucky to be alive after sliding the distance of a six-story building down the side of the mountain to get away from the bee swarm.

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