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Is San Diego Under Attack By Bees?

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The Lemon Grove couple that was attacked by honeybees in front of their home on Mt. Vernon Street reported that the bees had created a hive about 6 to 8 years ago in a nearby tree. The bees had not caused any harm to the people in the neighbourhood until now.  Neighbor Donald Relucio stated that he had seen plenty of activity from the bees and was reluctant to let his kids out in the yard unsupervised.

The bee attack victims said the man was attacked while checking his mailbox and ran back inside after being stung multiple times. As his wife came to assist him the bees began to attack her resulting in 20 bee stings to her and about 50 bee stings to the man. Fortunately, the couple did not have any severe injuries and were conscious when the emergency rescue crew arrived. The bees were thought to be African Honey Bees.

After the incident, a bee removal service was requested to remove the hive in the tree and another hive that was located about a block away. All residents were encouraged to stay inside until the bee removal was completed. But even after the removal the bees continued to swarm in the area and many neighbors and media personnel have been stung since the bee removal.

It is still unclear what caused the bees to finally attack after 6 to 8 years in the tree but the recent heavy rains have provided an abundance of plants and flowers for bees to collect nectar from resulting in more bee activity in our communities.

Similarly, the bee hive in Balboa Park has been removed after complaints from joggers and bikers getting stung by bees.  The large swarm of the bees influenced the decision to remove the bees at night.  The bee removal crew reported the hive to be home to about 2,000 honey bees.

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