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Jersey Declared an Infected Zone for Bee Disease

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At least two hives in the island of Jersey has traces of American Foulbrood disease, which can spread at rapid rates and destroy bee colonies by killing off larvae. A freeze on all movement and transfer of bees, hives, and equipment has been declared in the States of Jersey to deter the spread of the disease to other bee colonies.

Beekeepers in the infected zones are being asked to register with their local beekeepers’ association to have a list for inspections.  The Commerce and Employment Department asked beekeepers to continue regular inspection of bee hives and report any hives with AFB symptoms to the department.

Symptoms are apparent if the bee hive is infected and instant test results make for quick confirmation and action on the colony.  Unfortunately, the only method to stop the disease from spreading is to destroy the bees and hives of the infected colony.

The disease can be spread by the bees  from nearby hives. Bees will take honey back to their hive and introduce the brood disease to their colony. Although, the American Foulbrood disease does not have any effect on humans, it can take out large numbers of our buzzing pollinators if the spreading is not stopped.  Many major crops depend on bee pollination for growth.

Jersey bee hives need to boot the disease out of their colonies so the bees can continue on their daily routines!

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