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Las Vegas Neighborhood Attacked By Swarms of Killer Bees

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Thousands of Africanized Killer Bees swarmed a community in Las Vegas, leaving sting wounds on multiple victims including a couple of neighbourhood dogs. The bees began their attack after becoming agitated from the hollow tree that housed their nests fell on a nearby home and shattered the tree and nest to pieces.

The destroyed nest caused the provoked bees to swarm to a home across the street and begin stinging two pitbulls. Hundreds of killer bees then went inside the home to attack the family inside. An emergency responder said firefighters arrived to escort the family out of the home using blankets to cover their bodies and rush them to safety.  Several other neighbours were stung by the bees and needed medical attention but there were no reports of serious injuries.

Bees release a pheromone when they are being attacked and it will alert the other bees of the assault. They use the pheromone to locate the target and attack with their stingers to defend their hive and queen bee.

The tree was blasted for several hours with foam by the local fire department, killing off a large number of the bees. Yellow warning tape now surrounds the tree to prevent people from going near the bee hive. The homeowners with the bee infested tree are handling the removal of the tree from their property.

A bee colony of that size should have been noticed by the loud buzzing or heavy bee swarms around the tree. If there are swarms of bees, there is generally a nest nearby. Not all nests will be visible so it is best to call a bee removal company to evaluate the bee problem and remove the honeycomb from the property. If you are hearing some loud buzzing around your home, Call Pro Pacific Bee Removal today to save your neighborhood from an attack of killer bees!

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