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Are Cell Phones the New Bee Exterminator?

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If you have a swarm of bees near your homes or businesses, you are most likely to gather some household supplies and get rid of the buzzing bugs yourself or call a specialist to come out to remove the bees.  Bee removal and extermination are the most common methods for getting bees and their honeycombs away from your property.  These types of services are usually provided by your local Pest Control company and are generally effective in making for a sting-free environment.

Researchers are constantly observing how the chemicals used to exterminate bees directly effect our environment and overall populations of bees.  Recent studies have concluded that the current population of bees have been on the decline.  The common proposed reasons for the decline are climate change, increased use of pesticides, and viruses.

Scientists have added a new possible culprit to the list of reasons why bees are declining in numbers: electromagnetic fields. The proposition is that the increased use of cell phones causes electromagnetic fields to be more present in our environment and results in bees being unable to correctly find their way back to their hive.

The Experiment

To prove the correlation between the increases in cell phones and decrease in bees, a controlled experiment was conducted.  The experiment involved three hives: one with cell phones around the hive, another with fake cell phones, and the last hive having no cell phones. The hive with cell phones was exposed to the radiation twice a day for 15 minutes during peak bee activity.  The three month observation concluded that the hive with cell phones did in fact cut the queen bee’s offspring in half compared to the other queen bees from the other two hives without phones.  Furthermore, the electromagnetic exposed hive resulted in zero amounts of pollen and honey in and around the hive.

Find the Correct Solution

Although an army of cell phones may be your new do-it-yourself method to rid your properties of bees, it may be a good idea to call the professionals for now until further experiments.  Pro Pacific Bee Removal has the equipment and experience to tackle a bee problem of any size.  Not only do we remove the bee hive, we have solutions to eliminate a bee reoccurrence. Call Pro Pacific Bee Removal today at 866-904-BEES (2337) to appropriately and effectively remove bees from your property.

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