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Bee-Free After Extraction Service for El Cajon Home

Pro Pacific Bee Removal

A resident in El Cajon was able to live bee-free after a bee removal service was performed on a property. The beehive was located under the roof eaves and housed thousands of bees. After a quick call about the bee problem, technicians were out at the property inspecting the bee infestation and immediately started to remove the bees.

The El Cajon resident was able to learn more of the bee problem and how they entered the home from a technician that was experienced in bee removals. The homeowner also learned of the options for removing the bees and the honeycomb so an educated decision could be made about the bee problem.

After the free inspection and written proposal were presented to the homeowner, a live bee removal service was agreed upon and the bee removal techs began to open up the structure and remove the bees with a specialty bee-vacuum system.

Within a few hours, the structure was repaired to its original condition and the bees were removed. The bees were on their way to a local beekeeper to continue its life and contribution to the environment, pollination.  The El Cajon property owner knew that with the bees gone, their family and home would now be safe.

Scheduling your bee removal service is quick and easy. Simply, call, fax, or e-mail to tell us about your bee problem and we will send a licensed bee removal specialist today to provide a free inspection and detailed estimate for your bee removal service. Pro Pacific Bee Removal will remove bees from any San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County property. Call  Pro Pacific today to schedule a bee removal service that is guaranteed to get rid of your bees.

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