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Bee Removal Performed on Van Covered by Bee Swarm

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A swarm of an estimated 50,000 bees was removed from the side of a van that was parked at retail store parking lot up in the city of Chico. The bees had swarmed onto the van after their hive that was attached to a tree branch had fallen from the tree.

The queen bee had left the hive after the hive was taken down from its perch in the tree. The other bees followed to protect the queen and swarmed around her at her resting spot on the driver’s side door of the van.

The swarm was spotted by a maintenance worker of the Northern California store while he was blowing leaves in the parking lot. A beekeeper was immediately contacted to clear the bees and eventually the owner of the van was able to return to his vehicle and drive away.

The beekeeper collected the bees later in the evening after the bees had returned to the fallen hive. Bees will eventually return to their hive after the commotion and activity has subsided and severe damage has not occurred to the hive.

It was not reported if the honeybees were European or Africanized. Africanized Honeybees are not common in Northern California as they had only been spotted in southern parts of California in 2003.

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