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What Can Chula Vista Neighborhoods Do About Honeybee Infestations?

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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An oak tree in the front yard of a resident in a Chula Vista neighborhood housed thousands of bees.  Neighbors did not wander too close to this bee hive since they feared to provoke the bees and put them in attack mode.

The tree sits by a route many of the neighborhood children take to get to school, so the urgency for a bee removal was increased. A couple beekeepers declined the job and the fire department said the hive was in a difficult spot to access and too large for them to remove.

One of the beekeepers reconsidered performing the bee removal job but told the homeowner it would require multiple trips to remove the bees and cost over a thousand dollars.

The homeowner decided to handle the bee problem himself and was able to successfully remove the bees with the help of a bee removal company.  The fear of the bees in the neighborhood has been dissolved and the bees have been relocated to a bee apiary.

It is common for bees to nest in roof eaves or in trees and the population of a single bee colony can contain thousands of bees. Bees can be a serious threat to your home or family when they are provoked. Call Pro Pacific Bee Removal today to get a free inspection and to have your fear of bees put to rest with our quality service from our experienced technicians.

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