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Driver Crashes into a House after Bee Stings

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A landscaper went unconscious while driving after experiencing an allergic reaction to some bee stings.  The man was driving through a neighborhood when he passed out and drove through the lawn of a property and smashed into the front wall of their client’s home.

Fortunately, nobody was home when the incident occurred and the damage was minimal.  The landscaping company stated that they will repair the damages but the house is still habitable. The client was understanding and is still living at the house despite the opening.  Framework repair will be needed but the possibility of the home collapsing is unrealistic.

The driver of the landscaping vehicle was unaware of allergy to bee stings and felt his throat closing after the initial sting. He tried to call help from nearby workers right before he passed out.

It is common for most people to not know they are allergic to bee stings. Allergic reactions can cause death so it is important to be aware of your surroundings and to avoid bee swarms or nests.

If you notice a bee swarm or hive around your property, Call Pro Pacific Bee Removal for a free inspection and sting-fee environment!

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