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What To Do With Honeybees In A Tree Or Roof Eaves?

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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Are you spotting a swarm of bees around your tree or roof or hear them in the eaves?  Sometimes honeybees will swarm and briefly rest while looking for a new place to nest.  Honeybees do this when the colony becomes too big and they must split the population and leave with a new queen. Generally, the bee swarms will stay for no more than a few days.

However, if you are spotting bees going to and fro inside the structure of your home, you probably have a bee infestation. Pounds of honeycomb will quickly be created in your walls or roof eaves. Our bee removal specialists can pinpoint where the bees are entering your structure and recommend how you can remove the bees. All of our preliminary bee removal services (inspection and detailed estimate) are FREE for Santa Ana residential and commercial property owners.

It is important to have the bees removed promptly to avoid bee attacks to your family or neighbors and to protect your property. Honey from the combs can soak through your walls or run down the exterior of your home causing costly home repairs. Also, the honey will attract other pests (rodents, ants, etc.) and cause another infestation.

For effective bee removals in Santa Ana and all of Orange County, stick with the professionals at Pro Pacific Bee Removal. Pro Pacific also serves San Diego and Riverside areas.  Call today to schedule your FREE inspection and no-obligation estimate to get your bees removed for good.

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