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Live Bee Removal: Get Rid of Bees, But Be Nice About It!

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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If you have bees buzzing around your house and you want to get rid of them, but you don’t want harsh chemicals used or for the bees to be exterminated in the process, then live bee removal is for you.

A Pro Pacific Bee Removal technician who is specially trained in live bee removal will carefully remove the bee swarm and transport them to a local beekeeper, where they can live out the rest of their lives happily making honey. The result of live bee removal is your home is now bee-free and you can rest easy knowing that the bees weren’t killed in the process and that no potentially dangerous chemicals were used.

At Pro Pacific Bee Removal, we understand that honeybees play a vital role in cultivating the plants that produce much of the food we eat, so we are glad to do live removals of bees whenever we can.

What is Live Bee Removal?

In live removal of bees, once the honeycomb and hive have been located, smoke is used to calm the bees down so they can be carefully and harmlessly collected using a vacuum. A large swarm of bees can be sucked up through a vacuum, gathered in a wire cage, and taken to a beekeeper in your area.

When a smaller bee swarm is found clinging to a tree branch, a fence, or other open area, a live removal can be done by simply cutting or shaking the branch to drop the bees into a cage or other container.

Live removals are an option in most cases, but not in every instance involving a bee swarm. A Pro Pacific Bee Removal technician can discuss the process with you and explain when and where a live removal is possible and when it is not.

If you are interested in a live removal of bees, contact Pro Pacific Bee Removal today at 866-904-BEES to schedule a free inspection and estimate of your job!

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