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Live Bee Removals Preserve Our Smart Pollinators

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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Honeybees travel from flower to flower collecting pollen to bring back to the hive. The pollen is used to create a food source for the bees during the winter when it is too cold to fly away from the hive.

Interestingly, the path the bees take to go from flower to flower is not chosen randomly but rather a calculation of the shortest possible route. The path computation is compared to the complex mathematical problem involving a salesman finding the most efficient route that visits all locations of  his clients.

This discovery of an insect with a brain the size of a small seed being capable of calculating the shortest route comes with amazement. Computations like these require a computer to use a complex system to solve.  Scientific studies  hope to find the minimal circuitry required for complex problem solving. Understanding how the bee’s brain functions in these situations can help mankind become more efficient in problem solving.

At Pro Pacific Bee Removal, we realize the importance of bees to our environment and to our progression in science and technology. Therefore, we offer live bee removal services as our contribution to preserve the bee population and their fascinating nature. A live bee removal of removing bees from your home by our licensed bee removal technicians and transporting them to local beekeepers or nurseries.

If bees nest in your roof, a bee removal specialist can perform a free inspection to determine if a live bee removal is possible. Bee removals don’t are not always bee exterminations. Pro Pacific Bee Removal services San Diego, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Riverside, and Orange County.  Call today for  FREE inspection and the right way for a bee removal.

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