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San Diego Police Officers Chased By Bees

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It seems like bee attacks are ubiquitous in San Diego this summer with numerous reports of killer bee swarms around the county. Even the local law enforcement encountered some action with the buzzing insects that have been disturbing the peace during these warmer months. In this case, the cops were the ones being chased.

Two police officers were stung multiple times in a Morena District canyon while searching for an auto theft suspect who had initiated a short chase as he was trying to evade the cops. The cops were alerted of a stolen 2003 Ford Expedition on Gaines Street by a Lojack security device. The vehicle was spotted and the driver of the Expedition fled after trying to be pulled over. The suspect sped to the canyon where we stopped the vehicle and ran out into the canyon.

While the police were searching the area for the suspect, a swarm of bees began to attack the officers. One officer claimed that he had been stung 20 to 30 times while the other officer tried to escape the swarm but the bees still chased and stung the man.

Both officer were taken to the hospital and treated for the bee stings with no major injury.

It is easy to unintentionally disturb a bee’s nest since most of the hives are tucked away under the eaves of homes or hidden under piles of brush. That is why it is encouraged for homeowners and property managers to regularly inspect their yards and roof overhangs for any bee activity. The inspection can prevent the build up of a large bee colony and a severe bee attack. Also, bee removal companies can assist with proofing your home by covering common areas where bees would be likely to build their nests. If a large bee nest has already been established, call Pro Pacific Bee Removal to get rid of the bees by either a live bee removal or bee extermination.

All Southern Californians should take extra precaution to avoid bee hives in the summer months. This could lower the chance of bee attacks and possibly make a police sting operation not so literal.

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