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Want to Keep Bees Off Your Summer Picnic’s Guest List?

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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Summer is here and that means many of us will be heading outdoors for picnics with family and friends. But what if bees want to crash the party? There are some steps you can take to keep the pesky pests away from your burgers, potato salad, and guests.

Bees love sweets just as much as people do, so keep sugary barbecue sauce, lemonade, cakes, and other sweet foods and drinks covered or in sealed containers for serving. This will keep many bees away.

Another tip is to place a large, clear pitcher of sugar water or an opened, almost empty bottle of flat soda and place it away from the area where you and your guests will be eating. This will attract many of the bees and keep them away from your food.

Here are some other tips to help keep your picnic bee-free:

• Put four or five cloves on the table. Bees hate the smell of clove and will stay away.

• Attach some toilet bowl cleaning tablets to the bottom of your picnic table, patio furniture and barbecue grill. Open the wrapper on the tablets just a little bit and the scent will repel the bees.

• Use pots of marigolds as centrepieces on your picnic table. The flowers are not only pretty, but they also naturally repel bees and other bugs.

• Don’t use brightly colored tablecloths or floral prints for decoration, as this might attract bees thinking your table cloth is a field of flowers needing to be pollinated.

• Don’t wear cologne or perfumes, since bees are attracted to such scents.

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