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Killer Bees Here To Stay in San Diego and all of Southern California

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Reports of Africanized Honeybee (also called killer bee) sightings have been confirmed by officials. These bees have been in the southern part of the U.S. since 1997 and have slowly spread to the northern states.

However, this aggressive bee is not leaving the south but growing in numbers and spreading to other areas in the U.S. They will continue to dwell in areas where they are established and increase in population.

State officials in South Georgia have discovered two colonies of Africanized bees. Both colonies were destroyed by the Department of Agriculture. Colonies of Africanized bees in Arizona have been found as well.

The aggressive Africanized honeybee has no distinct differences from a European honeybee. Tests must be done to determine the type of the honeybee.

A killer bees nature is aggressive and injures many and causes death to a few in San Diego County each year. Furthermore, the interbreeding of the Africanized and European Honeybee can dilute the population of the latter posing more danger to people who provoke the bees.

Knowing how to avoid and protect yourself from these stinging insects will allow you to live harmoniously with killer bees in San Diego County.

First, always inspect your home for any swarms of bees. If you have bees on your property call a bee removal company to have them removed. It is dangerous to remove them yourself.

When using machinery that produces loud noises, look for beehives in the vicinity. The sound vibration from the equipment can provoke the bees, sending them into attack mode.

If you encounter a bee, you should run at least 300 feet from the area and find indoor shelter. The bees will follow you for some distance. In outdoor environments, especially in warmer months, be aware of your surroundings to avoid any confrontations with an agitated bee.

Africanized bees will not be leaving San Diego County anytime soon, so we have to adapt a little for protection against a deadly insect. Pro Pacific Bee Removal provides bee removal services in San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County to help you get rid of bees on your property and reduce the risk of being attacked by bees.

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