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Getting Ready for Bees – Tips to Protect Your Home From Invasions!

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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There are steps you can take to prevent bees from making themselves at home on your property. Summertime is the most common time for bees to move into your home. They swarm in at once and begin building honeycomb in a sheltered area (roof eaves, meter box, etc.)

You can proof your property so that it is impossible for bees to enter. This involves sealing tiny cracks and crevices in your structure. Wire mesh placed over ventilation openings and other gaps in an apartment  or office building can prevent bees from entering.

Also, scout bees will be present before a bee invasion. Generally, a small group of bees will “scout” an area before they move in, to see if it is a suitable living area. If you spot scout bees around your property, Pro Pacific offers a scout bee treatment to hinder the bees from choosing your place.

So, if you want to stay bee-free during the bee season, consider a bee-proofing and a scout bee treatment when bees are first buzzing your building.

We offer a two-year warranty on our bee-proofing projects, so if bees return to the same location, we will re-service your property at no additional cost to you! Call Pro Pacific Bee Removal today for a free estimate on your  bee-proofing project.

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