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Texas Home Invaded by 50,000 Bees

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Springtime arrived in a big way for one resident of Fort Worth, Texas. Jill Sakal’s suburban home recently was taken over by a swarm of honeybees, which officials estimated was 50,000 strong.

Calls to the local police and county animal control did nothing to resolve the situation, so Sakal rang up a local beekeeper, Tim Hall, who came out to corral the aggressive pests. Hall gently sprayed a mixture of sugar and water on the bees, which calms them down, before he collected the pests into a cardboard box.

Earlier attempts by someone to poison the bees apparently angered the swarm, sending them looking for safety at Sakal’s house, Hall told a local television station.

The same swarm had previously attacked some landscapers in the same neighborhood. The pests may have been disturbed by leaf blowers and other tools the landscapers were using, officials said. With so many children living in the neighbourhood, Sakal said “we could have had a tragedy.”

Aggressive bee swarms are a problem all over the United States, but particularly this time of year in warmer weather locations like Texas, Arizona, and Southern California. Pro Pacific Bee Removal specializes in both live removals of swarms and extermination projects.

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