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Texan Makes Speedy Recovery After 500 Bee Stings

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An 85-year-old man is now in serious but stable condition after his encounter with a large swarm of bees and hundreds of bee stings last week in Austin. The man was barely conscious and unable to speak after the attack but is now responsive and able to communicate.  They expect he will be released from the hospital sometime this week.

The bee attack victim was spotted in the street with masses of bees covering his body and creating walls around the victim making it impossible for rescue.  Several neighbors and medics attempted to reach the injured man but were unsuccessful and stung multiple times. Shortly, fire fighters arrived in bee suits and sprayed foam on the man to retract the bees and transport him to a nearby hospital.

Officials believe the noise and ground vibration of the lawn mower aggravated the bees resulting in the attack.

Beekeepers and the rescue team searched for the hive and found two hives that collectively had about 1 million bees. A bee removal job started last week and was expected to be completed by this week.

Power tools and machinery create excessive noise that can trigger a bee attack. Before doing yard work that involves this equipment, thoroughly inspect for bees around the area you will be working. If a bee hive is spotted, have the bees removed by a bee removal company to avoid the risk of injury.  Bee removal companies are trained for this specialty service and carry the equipment to ensure a safe removal.  A bee control service is a much safer and cheaper solution compared to risk of a person’s life and the costly medical bills for hospitalizing a bee attack victim.

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