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City Bees Make For A Sweeter Honey And Healthier Life

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Recent findings conclude that inner-city bees may have a sweeter life than the bees that live in rural areas. The belief is that bees in cities and towns have a wider selection of trees and plants in suburban gardens to collect pollen from. From these varieties of pollen, the honey bees can produce a very tasty and unique honey creation.   The National Trust suggests that bees feeding off lime trees, common in suburban areas, are going to produce a more fragrant honey than if they were feeding from oil seed rape in the countryside.

Farmlands with heavy exposure to pesticides can lower the quality of the pollen resulting in bee colonies near these fields to become weaker.   Therefore, researchers believe there is also a health benefit to the bees for having access to city plants and trees since they are not as heavily exposed to the pesticides as commercial crops.

In the UK, about 45 hives are being placed in suburban and rural areas for observation and collection of pollen samples.  Researchers believe this will give them a better picture of what the bees are feeding on and the resulting health benefits since different flowers provide varying levels of nutrition.

The study is being conducted at the end of the pollinating season, so the experiment will continue after the winter. Currently, the findings have leaned more towards the hypothesis that bees today have a higher quality of living in urban environments than in rural farmlands.

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