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Wasps Attack Crowd at County Fair Firework Show

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The smell of mouth-watering BBQ, the sound of cheerful laughter, and the sight of bright, colourful explosions in the sky were not the only things present at this county fair Independence Day firework show in Pleasanton, California. Yellow jackets decided to cause a commotion to firework show spectators halfway into the show as about 70 people claimed of being stung by the angered wasps.

Originally, the stings were thought to have come from a group of bees but carcasses were collected after the stir up to determine the stinging bugs to be yellow jackets. Investigators inspected the area for a nearby nest and found one in the ground. The nest was later removed and it was concluded that the vibration of the fireworks provoked the wasps causing them to attack the 5,000 people sitting in the grandstands above the nest.

Spectators of all age ranges, a 6 month-old baby to an adult older than 60, were showing up at the first aid station to be treated for insect stings. Fortunately, none of the sting victims had an allergic reaction to the venom or had to be transported to the hospital.

Generally, wasps are not aggressive if they do not feel threatened but when they are disturbed, it can become a dangerous situation as they can release a pheromone which alarms the whole colony to attack.  Wasp stings can be fatal if the victim is allergic to the venom. If you want to get rid of a nest or hive near your home, it is a safe bet to call a bee removal company for several reasons including your personal safety.

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