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Do You Have Bees … Or Wasps?

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If you see insects with yellow and black bodies buzzing around your house, you probably assume they are bees. But on closer inspection, you may notice that the bugs are wasps (also called yellow jackets). Wasps are similar to honey bees, but they present a different set of challenges in trying to get rid of them.

The good news is, Pro Pacific Bee Removal is equipped to handle both bees and wasps.

The two types of wasps that are most commonly seen in San Diego and southwest Riverside counties are paper wasps and mud daubers. Although they are generally not aggressive unless they are provoked or otherwise disturbed, These flying pests will build small nests made of mud on the sides of homes and other structures, which can be unsightly and messy to clean up and remove. Wasps also can swarm and inflict painful stings on people.

Wasps can appear similar to honeybees, but they have longer and more slender bodies. The easiest way to identify wasps is by seeing their nests on the bottom side of the eaves, soffits, and other unprotected areas of structures.

A wasp nest looks like a ball of mud tucked up underneath the eve. Mud daubers will attach mud nests to the sides of homes or inside wall voids while hornets may be found burrowing in soft soil.

When getting rid of a paper wasp nest, it is important to kill all of the adult wasps. Otherwise, the remaining wasps will quickly rebuild the nest and remain a problem.

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