Pro Pacific Bee Removal

Effectively Remove Bees Today In El Cajon/East County

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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The summer sun has finally burst through the “May Gray” and put some warmth in the air for resident of El Cajon and all of San Diego County. And while this is a signal for most San Diegans to head outdoors for the fun and activities, bees also consider the warm weather as a chance to head to the flower patch for pollen.

Although this may seem like a harmless activity (mostly true), the more pollen collected, the larger the beehive grows. Eventually the bee colony becomes too big and the hive splits into two with one of the hives possibly invading homes in El Cajon for a new place to live.

That’s where your problem starts & is probably why you are here at our website…And we have just the solution for bee infestations in El Cajon.

You can choose from the following bee removal services to effectively keep bees gone for good in your El Cajon home:

  • Live Bee Removal – Get your bees captured with a specialized bee-vacuum. You can keep the bees alive and well, just not on your property!
  • Bee Extermination – Get rid of the bees on your property with effective treatments
  • Scout Bee Treatment – Stop bee infestations before they begin. We’ll treat areas vulnerable for bee infestations to discourage bees from moving in. Areas treated come with 30 day guarantee!
  • Bee Proofing – Once the bees are gone, you can keep them out for good. We thoroughly inspect your property and seal all holes and crevices where bees can enter – You’ll be bee-free!

Contact Pro Pacific Bee Removal today for effective bee removal service for all properties in El Cajon and all of San Diego County!


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