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Watch Out For Bees In Southern California – It’s Still Bee Season

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Although bee season may be dying out for the year, there still are active beehives from San Diego County up to Orange & Los Angeles County.

Last Wednesday a 95-year-old man was stung more than 400 times from a provoked swarm of honeybees in Redondo Beach. The bees were suspected to be Africanized “killer” bees because of the aggressive behavior of the swarm. The bees were aggravated by a fumigator who was removing the nest from a nearby apartment building.

The man was released from the hospital in the evening after the bee stings.

Always take precaution when you spot bee activity. Recreational areas, backyards, and other places kids play should be thoroughly inspected for beehives or bee activity. Generally bees will not attack if they don’t feel threatened.

High-pitched screams or humming engines from lawnmowers are common causes of a provoked hive. If you are attacked by a swarm of bees, run to cover while covering your face. Do not wave arms as this agitates the bees even more.

When a bee stings you, a scent called a pheromone is released which alerts other bees of an attack. This is why a single bee sting can turn in to numerous stings.

Bee venom can be lethal from just one sting if the person is allergic to the venom. But generally 10 stings per pound is required for the venom to be lethal.

The general rule: Keep away from beehives and any bee activity. If you don’t bother the bees, they won’t bother you.

San Diego, Riverside, Orange, & Los Angeles Counties are known to have Africanized “killer” bees present; however, not all beehives consist of the killer bees.

But be prepared and treat every hive as if it is a killer bee nest. Also, removing bees from a property early is the best method to prevent a bee attack.

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