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Bee Activity Means It’s Time To Remove The Bees

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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Bee removal technicians will continue a filled day of removing hives from structures or outdoor locations until September. While the bulk of bee season has passed back, you will continue to see swarms of bees around San Diego County.

When you spot a haze of buzzing insects, they have most likely found a spot where they want to build a nest and start a new colony. If the mass of bees is on your property, then your home is likely the location where they want to build the nest.

But that’s not always the case. A swarm of bees is simply a group of bees with a queen bee that has split from a current hive to build another bee colony. Generally, scout bees will search areas for ideal nesting areas and return to the swarm to report its findings.

The swarm will rest at a secure location, often on trees or other covered areas. A resting swarm may look like you are in for a bee Armageddon, but they’re really just waiting for the scout bees to tell them where to move.

However, it is difficult to identify the difference between resting bees and nesting bees. Fortunately, you have Pro Pacific Bee Removal to help you out. Our bee removal specialists in San Diego will come out to your property and evaluate the bees to determine their intentions on your property. And even better, we come out to do the inspection for free.

But if bees are planning to call your property or structure home, then removing the bees early will save you from needing to remove honeycomb. Bees will create a substantial amount of honeycomb within a few days of making your property their home.

So if you see bee activity on your property in San Diego, don’t hesitate to call Pro Pacific. Your inspection is free – You have nothing to lose!

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