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Bee Season Not Over Yet – Have Your Bees Removed The Right Way

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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This summer in San Diego, Riverside, & Orange County we have received numerous calls about aggressive bee swarms nesting on properties. Even a few shocking bee attacks happened within San Diego County & surrounding areas this year.

And with the heat continuing throughout August, the end of heavy bee activity for the year doesn’t seem near.

With that stated, your home is still at risk for a bee infestation. Bees will continue to swarm as long as the temperatures are warm. Bees will nest in roof eaves, trees, inside wall voids, or in irrigation boxes.

Now you’ll probably contact a bee removal company when bees land on your property, but do you have a plan when bees attack…

A nearby cluster of bees will attack for the slightest noise or vibration. Running lawn mowers near the hive or disturbing the nest will provoke the bees.

Just this month, a man in Modesto was walking his dogs when the canines disturbed an Africanized honeybee hive. The bees aggressively covered the man and his dogs and severely stung their bodies as they rushed to cover.

Fortunately there was shelter for them to get away from the bees, but that’s not always the case. Remember these guidelines if you ever encounter a bothered swarm of bees:

  • Run quickly away from the nest – The attacking number of bees reduces significantly as the distance from the initial attack area increases. Bees have followed people up to a quarter mile.
  • Cover your head and face – Shielding your face, stops bees from entering your mouth, ears, and nostrils.
  • Remove stingers once secured – Get the stingers out as soon as you make it to safety.
  • Always Carry an EpiPen – Injecting an EpiPen after bee stings can prevent anaphylactic shock.
  • Seek Medical Assistance – If you’re stung multiple times or feel faint or nauseous, dial 911.
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