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Bees Attack In Riverside, Professional Crew Removes Hive

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A horse owner & his horse were attacked by bees last Thursday. Both victims suffered from severe injuries with the stings to the horse being fatal.

The man was rushed to the emergency room for immediate treatment and requested hospital officials to send aid to the wounded horse. Riverside County Animal Services arrived at the property in Arlanza and found the horse had died from multiple bee stings.

The exact cause of the bee attack is unknown but officers suspect the bees were provoked when the horse owner sprayed the horse with insect repellent. The aggravated bees swarmed out of two different hives to attack soon after the spraying.

A bee removal crew was able to get rid of the bees & both hives late Thursday. Bees are usually less active after sundown making the bee removal job an easier task.

It’s the middle of bee season; therefore, bees are still active & very defensive of their hive. Remember to be cautious & aware when in outdoor settings. Thoroughly inspect for any bee activity on your property or in surrounding areas before participating in any outdoor tasks.

Riverside County is a popular area for honeybees to nest & take up residence on residential or commercial properties.

If you spot bee activity on your property, have our bee removal specialist inspect the area for free to determine if you need a bee removal service in Riverside.

Contact us today for more information on bee infestations & bee removal service in Riverside!

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