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Youth Pastor Dies After Bee Removal near El Cajon

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A 26-year-old youth pastor at an El Cajon-based church was stung multiple times while removing a beehive from a home in Alpine on April 11. The stings caused him to suffer from anaphylactic shock & eventually were the cause of his death on Tuesday.

The youth pastor was a bee enthusiast and did beekeeping as a hobby. He would perform live bee removals on structures with bee infestations and relocate the bees.

His devotion was not only to bees but to his family & church. He is survived by his wife of four years and his two-month daughter.

All appropriate bee removal equipment was believed to be used during the bee removal in Alpine but beekeeping suits do not guarantee a “sting-free” experience.

Bees can be harmless in small numbers and if you are not allergic but a combination of multiple bee stings & an allergic reaction is deadly. It is important to carry an EpiPen to prevent anaphylactic shock when stung. Even if you don’t think you are allergic – It couldn’t hurt.

According to San Diego County Entomologist, David Kellum, approximately 3 percent of adults in the U.S. are allergic to bee stings. And on average, over 40 people die from bee stings in our county, he said.

Inspect your home this summer as bees become more active & be aware of your surroundings when venturing in new territories outdoors to avoid encounters with bee swarms.

If you spot bee activity on your property, Pro Pacific Bee Removal can assist you with the removal of the bees.

Call our office to get rid of bees in El Cajon & all of San Diego County.


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