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Bees Are Swarming Big in California

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“The spring weather sure has created a buzz in our community.”

This is a common phrase for citizens in most California communities during this time of year. Several bee swarms have been spotted in trees, parks, irrigation boxes, and on residential & commercial properties.

More specific to the southern California region, San Diego, Riverside, & Orange County residents have reported bees in wall voids & roof eaves of their homes. And recently a substantial bee swarm had rested on a trail in Balboa Park swarming close to joggers.

The swarms spotted across California have been as small as a couple hundred to as big as a few thousand. While the larger the hive, the more intimidating the nest will be; a general rule that applies to any beehive is to keep your distance.

No matter the size of the hive, the bees won’t attack unless they are disturbed or feel threatened. However, in order to eliminate the chance of you provoking the bees, call a local bee removal professional to remove the hive as soon as possible.

Bee removal is not a city service on private property. Property owners are responsible for removing a hive on their property.

Pro Pacific Bee Removal offers a variety of bee removal & bee exterminator services in San Diego, Riverside, & Orange County.

Call for a free inspection & estimate for effective techniques on getting rid of bees!


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