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City of Carlsbad Doesn’t Provide Bee Removal Services For Private Properties

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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If you have a property in Carlsbad with a beehive, don’t expect much assistance from city services to alleviate the bee problem. The city of Carlsbad website states, “Removal of bees from private property is the homeowner’s responsibility.” And with you being the homeowner, you have a task to accomplish.

But don’t be discouraged with the city for not helping you remove the bees; the policy of not providing bee removal services to private properties is common among incorporated cities. Just like you wouldn’t expect city services to get rid of an ant infestation on your property, eradicating a bee problem in Carlsbad is your own problem.

So, where should you start? The Carlsbad site recommends contacting “a local company that specializes in bee removal.” And where can you get referrals for bee removal companies? Here are some places to search for bee removal companies  in Carlsbad:

  • Local Business Directory (yellow pages, yellow book, etc.) – Look under “Bee Removal”
  • Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.)-  Search “bee removal Carlsbad”
  • A reliable friend

Choose a company that will inspect & evaluate the bees on your property – for free. Then, review the estimate and cost before making your final decision.

As you step closer to resolving your bee problem, you may wonder how bees ended up on your property. San Diego County experiences an influx of swarming honeybees between March and July. During this time period, honeybees began splitting from their hives to create new bee colonies. Unfortunately, residential & commercial structures are perfect locations for bees to nest.

Keep bees off your property this summer with effective bee removal services. Pro Pacific provides bee removal in Carlsbad and all of San Diego County.

Schedule your free inspection & estimate today – All our bee removal services are guaranteed!


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