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How Did Honey Bees Get In My Roof?

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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When you notice a swarm of bees on your property, usually near roof eaves or landscaping, you can feel burdened and stressed. The thought of having to remove thousands of bees from a hive on your property is disheartening…Until now!

Pro Pacific Bee Removal has made it easier and more affordable for residential & commercial property owners in San Diego, Riverside, & Orange County to remove bees from their properties.

Bees remain dormant in the winter, but with the warm weather of spring & summer bees are ready to swarm together to collect enough pollen for the next winter. But the bees need a place to store the pollen they collect & be protected from predators.

That’s when your home is seen by the bees as a perfect place to build their bee colony. Bees view your home’s structure similar to the more common living area for bees: Inside Trees.

Hives can grow to the thousands during the busy bee season, usually around June & July. It’s definitely a wise decision to get a bee removal job as soon as you notice the bees to avoid a hive growing on your property & to protect your home or family.

Not only that, honeycomb on your property will need to be removed so the scents (pheromones) bees leave behind won’t attract more bees in the future.

Get the bees & honeycomb removed today from anywhere on your property with modern bee removal techniques. Choose from a live bee removal service that captures the bees with a specialized bee-vacuum and removes all the honeycombs. Or get a bee extermination that will effectively get rid of the bees. Both services are guaranteed – And we’ll keep you and your property safe from bees.

Call us today for solutions to bee problems in San Diego, Riverside, Orange County – Free Estimates!


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