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Is Bee Removal Expensive? Does The Service Match The Price?

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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Bee removal is a necessary service during the summer in San Diego, Riverside, & Orange County. But how much does bee removal service cost?

The price for professional bee removal service varies significantly based on the location of the hive & if there is honeycomb within a structure.  Different techniques and approaches are used depending on these factors.

To put the price variation into perspective, a hive on a tree out in the open is a much simpler removal process than an established hive within a wall void on the second story of a home.  The latter requires more specialization, skill, and labor to successfully remove the bees and their honeycomb.

Each bee infestation is different so a free inspection & estimate is performed by a bee removal technician to provide you with a written estimate for the job.

So, what exactly are you paying for when you hire a professional bee removal technician?

Specialized Knowledge & Experience With Bees

Bee removal is not a guy in a bee suit that sprays product at the beehive then calls it a day. An effective bee removal service will identify the location of the beehive and entry points. The entry points to the hive are not always where the nest is located.

The honeycomb can be found as far as 14 feet from the entry. Our technicians have the knowledge to correctly identify the location, so you’re not ripping into your walls just to locate the bees.

Also, our technicians have the experience on how to work with the bees & tame them to reduce stings.

Remember: Spraying bee extermination products into entry points won’t necessarily kill the bees (only aggravate them) and will definitely not remove the honeycomb.

Avoid The Risk Of Bee Stings

Getting close to the hive can make the bees feel threatened and send them into attack mode. However, with a bee removal service, we assume all the risk and you’re not exposed to hundreds of bee stings.

Carpentry Skills

Removing honeycomb from within a structure often requires cutting into the siding (stucco, brick, wood). Not only can we accurately locate the hive so multiple cuts won’t have to be made but the cuts are repaired back to its original condition – like it never happened!

Our honeycomb removal crew has the carpentry skills to remove & repair the siding on your home.


Our bee removal service not only guarantees that the bees won’t come back but that you and your home are protected. Pro Pacific Bee Removal is a licensed, insured, and bonded company.

We are insured to cover any injuries or damages that occur on your property during the bee removal process. And we are bonded to ensure that you will collect money if we do not complete the services rendered.

So you are getting more than just guy with a spray can to remove your bees, you get effective techniques performed by experienced & licensed technicians.

For bee removal done right in San Diego, Riverside, & Orange County – Call Pro Pacific Today!


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