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Live Bee Removal a Popular Choice in Irvine

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Choosing to remove bees from properties without a bee exterminator is becoming more prevalent in Irvine and other parts of the nation. In fact, in Austin, Texas a live bee removal service may end up being the only method of removing bees. Pending laws will ban the use of pesticides to eradicate beehives in the city of Austin.

This kind of mentality is replicated in Irvine, CA without any bee extermination laws in place. Recent awareness campaigns of a declining bee population have swayed people’s perception of the valuable insect. Citizens of Irvine are considering alternative bee removal methods as their contribution to putting an end to Colony Collapse Disorder, the cause of the drastic reduction in bees.

With a live bee removal service, honeybees are captured alive and transported to a apiary where they can continue pollinating and building their colony.

However, not all exterminators offer live bee removal services. When discuss your removal options with a technician make sure that the bee removal process does not include any pesticides.

Generally, a specialized vacuum is used capture the honeybees and place them in a temporary cage until arriving at the apiary.

Restaurant owners are even partaking on the pro-bee movement, by setting up beehives in the inner city on multi-story buildings. The act is known as urban beekeeping and is mutually beneficial. The restaurant owner has a fresh supply of honey for menu entrees and the bees are kept alive to rebuild their population.

If you’re in Irvine and are noticing bee activity on your property, have one of our bee removal specialist look at the problem for you at no cost to you. If it is determined that a beehive is established, we’ll offer you a free estimate for our service.

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