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What To Expect When You Keep Bees On Your Property

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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Honeybees fly regularly in sunny San Diego during the warmer months & have become a common bug to eradicate from households & commercial structures alike. However, not all property owners in San Diego remove bee infestations from their properties.

In fact, some homeowners in San Diego leave the bees to nest for several months until the problem becomes uncontrollable. Consequently, we have many San Diegans ask what can happen if bees are not removed from their home?

Our answer:

Bees are the opposite of parasites. A bee colony is self-sufficient & will only rely on plants & flowers to create their food source. As a result, bees will most likely not tamper with your food supply but rather use your home as a shelter for their beehive (nest & honeycomb).

A small amount of honeycomb sitting in your home can be pretty harmless but several pounds of comb filled with honey & thousands of bees can damage your home & increase the risk of injury to people.

Similarly, bees without a queen and honeycomb to protect are docile but when bees are near the nest with a queen, they are more aggressive & easily provoked.

With that stated, leaving bees on your property will result in several pounds of combs soaked in honey being built on your property & a growing army of bees ready to protect a queen with their only defense mechanism: their stinger!

We recommend eliminating the bee population with a chemical-free bee removal or extermination to prevent bee attacks to you, one of your family members, or a neighbor. Then, we suggest removing the remaining honeycomb to stop the unattended honey from losing its viscosity and running down siding or soaking into walls causing serious structural damage.

Not only that, leaving honey inside your home will attract another bee swarm and can lure in other pests such as ants or rodents.

Bee removal is definitely a service that will protect your home & family from bees. So if you notice bees on your property in San Diego, you should call a bee removal specialist to solve the bee problem now before it turns worse.


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