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Bee Attack In Chula Vista – One Dog Killed

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UPDATE: Donations are being accepted to cover the costs for the dogs’ recovery. Call Otay Pet Vets at (619) 421-1698, mention the Musaraca family.

A swarm of thousands of honeybees attacked three dogs in the backyard of a Chula Vista home. The bee attack resulted in the death of one of the dogs and severely injured the other two. Two people reported being stung by the bees but did not receive any serious injuries or medical treatment.

The homeowner found the dogs covered in bees when she went outside after hearing commotion from the dogs in her backyard.

All the injured animals were taken to the veterinarian by animal control officers. One dog suffered a seizure in transit and died at the veterinary office.

A private bee removal crew exterminated the bees and removed over 50 pounds of honeycomb at the home in Chula Vista shortly after the incident. A beehive this large is a serious threat to occupant of the property as well as surrounding neighbors.

The slightest motion or noise can provoke the beehive and will send them swarming in the thousands to attack a nearby victim. Often defenseless outdoor pets are the victim and are unable to run away from the bees because of being tied to a pole or tree.

Usually summertime is when most bee attacks occur because the weather permits the buzzing bugs to fly and the hive is more protective of their nest. But San Diego County is noticing more bee attacks, including this recent one in Chula Vista.

A bee attack in early November is rare but with the right concoction of commotion or disturbance, bees will surely react.

That’s why it is important to not let bees live on your property – It’s dangerous! Have a bee removal company remove the hive even you’re not noticing much activity as you did in summer. Bees can and will attack during the off season.

Contact a bee removal professional today for a free inspection and estimate on removing the hive.


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