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Do I Need To Remove Bees In San Diego During Winter?

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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It is known around the nation that San Diego has very mild winters. The weather remains relatively nice year round with temperatures reaching 90 degrees in winter months.

At these warm temperatures, bees are able to fly from the hive year-round. However, honeybees do most of their swarming and pollen-collecting during spring and summer. So if you’re wondering if bees will swarm on your property in San Diego’s cooler months, the answer is: Highly Unlikely!

A honeybee colony will generally remain in its current location during fall and winter. And for buildings or structures that already have a bee infestation, you probably won’t notice much activity from the bees and put bee removal service on the back burner.

Although a bee infestation will be out of sight, out of mind in the latter part of the year in San Diego, you should re-consider getting the hive removed. Next spring the hive will most likely split into two hives, and then you could have two or more beehives in the structure of your home. Not only that, bees will still attack throughout the year if they feel threatened.

Resolve the problem now before the problem becomes a bigger issue. Our bee removal technicians in San Diego are licensed and trained to strategically and effectively remove bees so they won’t return. You can choose from live removals, bee exterminations, and honeycomb removal services.

Contact our office today to speak to a bee removal specialist about removing the beehive in the winter. We offer free inspections & estimates and offer guarantees on all bee removal work in San Diego.

Pro Pacific Bee Removal services all properties in San Diego, Riverside, & Orange County.


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