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Solutions For Bee Swarms In Chula Vista

Pro Pacific Bee Removal
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If you notice a swarm of bees soon enough, you can have the beehive removed with a less intensive procedure. The simple procedure is known as a Scout Bee Treatment. And this is exactly what property owners in Chula Vista that spot the swarm early on are doing to remove bees.

This effective technique, which is performed by our bee removal specialists in Chula Vista, can deter swarms of bees from permanently residing in your roof eaves or other any other covering. A Scout Bee Treatment will make it undesirable for a bee colony to nest causing them to leave in search for another place to nest.

However, you will need to have the Scout Bee Treatment applied before the bees start building honeycomb. Bees will usually start building honeycomb within 6 days of landing on your property.

Once the honeycomb is created removal of the bees & the honeycomb will be required to ensure the bees will be gone for good!

Live Bee Removal & Bee Extermination services are available once bees settle on or in your property. Our technicians can quickly get bees off your property with either of these bee removal service options.

Now to get the honeycomb out of a structure, we will cut into the structure to expose the honeycomb then remove and spray the area with disinfectant to disguise scents that attract bees. After that, the area is repaired to its original condition with the same materials. It’s the perfect solution for bee infestations!

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