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Bee Attack In Santa Ana Injures Four – Bee Removal Followed

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Despite the overcast weather experienced in Santa Ana, honeybees were still active and able to unleash a vicious attack on four people in a Santa Ana neighborhood. The bee attack was dangerous enough for the Santa Ana Fire Department to close a square block around the scene of the occurrence at 2610 S. Orange Ave.

The incident began with a man in a wheelchair being stung multiple times. Three bystanders attempted to rescue the man from the aggravated bee swarm. After several attempts, the rescuers managed to evade the bees and save the handicapped man. All four victims were stung by the bees with the man in the wheelchair being stung more than 60 times.

Santa Ana firefighters found the victims suffering from anaphylactic shock, a serious allergic reaction to bee venom, when they arrived on the scene. Firefighter officials stated all the victims suffered from nausea and respiratory problems.

Paramedics provide treatment at the scene, and then took them to hospitals. The condition of the victims was not released.

Firefighters and bee removal technicians in Santa Ana removed the beehive which was located in wooden pallets. The hive was not exterminated but removed with a live bee removal service. Two firefighters were stung on the face during the removal but did not result in serious injury.

It was not confirmed if the bees in Santa Ana were of the Africanized “Killer” Honeybees.

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