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Live Bee Removal in San Diego Boosts Local Business

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While a nest of honeybees on your property can be a nuisance and unsafe for the neighborhood, a colony of bees congregating at a controlled location has quite a few benefits to its beekeeper & the community as well.

Not only do bees contribute to the pollination of about one-third of the crops in the human diet but they also create products that have a variety of uses for food & health. And that’s exactly what beekeepers are honing in on for a profitable business venture.

The interesting fact is that these hives with thousands of bees are no longer being kept at remote locations, but rather within city limits, not far from your front door. The fairly new trend is called urban beekeeping, where bees are being raised upon the rooftops of local businesses for collection of honey & bee pollen.

However, urban beekeeping should not heighten any concern for city dwellers since bees only attack when protecting their hive or provoked. The distance of the hive from pedestrians is a significant enough to not pose a threat to people.

Many of California’s restaurants participate in urban beekeeping for direct access to local honey that is included in some recipes. The honey is also sold at their store fronts & farmers markets.

But many of these urban beekeepers as well as some traditional beekeepers aren’t collecting the hives themselves. They rely on bee removal companies, like Pro Pacific Bee Removal, for their cluster of honeybees.

A bee removal company will capture unwanted honeybees alive on residential or commercial properties then transport them to a beekeeper that will raise the colony. Live bee removals allow for uninvited bees on a property to be welcomed by a bee enthusiast. Bee removal companies make it possible for urbanites to start up their beekeeping practice.

Each city has different ordinances for beekeeping within city limits. So, any interested bee enthusiasts should contact their municipal office for regulations on beekeeping in the inner city.

Beekeeping at your “backdoor” is a great way to satisfy the “buy local produce” approach and support the cause to end Colony Collapse Disorder.

So if and when uninvited bees do land on your property, consider a live bee removal service to let these pollinators continue to contribute to local business & produce.

Pro Pacific Bee Removal offers live bee removal services to all properties in San Diego, Riverside, & Orange County!

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