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Prompt Treatment Is Most Important With Bee Stings

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Reports of severe bee attacks from thousands of stinging insects occur more often than not. Health forums and first aid blogs offer their tips and techniques for successfully (and painlessly) combating venom from a bee stinger.

The once popular method of scraping a flat edge – usually a credit card – across the stinger to remove is now discouraged. The idea of scraping the stinger is to prevent forcing more venom from the sac attached to the barbed stinger in your skin. It was believed that removing the stinger by pinching would cause more venom to flow into the body – but this is just not true.

Unless you have a plastic card in hand, it’s not worth the extra time to search for one to remove the stinger. A more modern and efficient technique would be to quickly flick the stinger off with your fingernail. This allows only a miniscule amount of bee venom to enter your body.

Quick and prompt stinger removal is imperative to minimize venom flow and lessen any allergic reactions.

Time is of the essence in situations similar to the group of four people in Pflugerville. They encountered an aggressive bee attack that resulted in one victim being stung more than 300 times. With their expedited ride to the hospital for treatment, none of the victim’s injuries were fatal.

A person that has no allergic reaction to bee venom can easily survive 300 stings; however, even one sting to a person that is allergic can cause a fatal reaction known as anaphylactic shock. Symptoms can develop quickly and can include abdominal pain, dizziness, wheezing, swelling, difficulty breathing, and nausea.

A 10-year-old boy was able to save his father after the boy’s dad was stung twice while mowing the lawn. The boy heard his father in the bathroom and quickly went to aid his father. The boy was able to pedal his bicycle to alarm his mother. The man was rushed to receive treatment and survived because of the young boy’s quick thinking.
If you know that you are allergic to bee venom, it is wise to ask your doctor about obtaining an Epi Pen to counter allergic reactions.

So if you are ever stung, make speed your priority over technique. Your goal is to allow the minimum amount of bee venom into your body.

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