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Steps To Correctly Remove A Bee Stinger

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Where ever honeybees are present expect a few unfortunate victims to be stung.  As bees invade suburban neighborhoods and are nesting near heavy foot traffic areas, the more likely a person will rumble a hive.

Especially during summer, bees have established hives and are continuing to collect pollen to increase honey flow for their inactivity during the winter. Bees become more susceptible to sting or attack when there is a hive to protect.

Suppose you are walking down the sidewalk and you suddenly feel a intense pain on your arm. You look down and noticed a honeybee has pricked you.  Do you know the next step to make sure your unlucky misfortune does not turn into a serious problem?

Pro Pacific Bee Removal has decided to create a handy, easy-to-follow resource that visually instructs how to properly remove a bee sting. The graphic provide a step-by-step demonstration of how to remove a stinger and tips to soothe and prevent an allergic reaction.

Use this link for your guide on how to remove and treat a bee sting – Bee Sting Removal Guide

Make this guide easily accessible by printing it out or bookmarking the page.


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