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Removing Bees Yourself – Bee Removal Bloopers

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We are often asked if the task of removing bees from a property can be accomplished by your average joe. While we have seen individuals successfully remove a beehive by them self, it’s more often than not that the attempt is unsuccessful – and occasionally resulting in a serious injury.

Bee removal is no walk in the park. It is a specialized skill which requires training, knowledge, and experience. You know the phrase, “easier said than done”? That statement is very relevant with bee removal.

One issue with removing bees yourself is the unpredictable behavior of the beehive. Generally, when a beehive has established a colony and honeycomb, they become protective and aggressive when provoked.  Knowing how to approach the hive is essential to prevent an attack or injury.

Another issue is the location of the bee nest. Bees can enter structures through 1/8” holes or openings, making the hive difficult to access without cutting a portion of your siding or roof. Without carpentry and bee skills, you can create serious home damage and beehive left in your home.

But you probably have devised a surefire way to eradicate the bees with a creative and innovative technique, right? Don’t celebrate with a victory dance just yet.

Here are some innovative attempts by property owners with minimal to zero experience with bees. (Spoiler: Results are unsuccessful)

In Tucson, a man sprayed a hive with pesticides causing the bees to attack stinging him all over his body. Spraying bees point blank is very risky and dangerous. The initial spray will not affect all the bees, leaving you outnumbered and vulnerable for a vicious attack.

Another story includes a farmer attempting to be resourceful using elements on the farm. The man ignited a pile of cow manure underneath the beehive. The idea was to have the flaming cow dung smoke out the bees. Unfortunately, a combination of high winds and an unattended fire blazed the building where the bees were located.

Smoking bees is not an effective bee removal method. The smoke will not cause the bees to leave and you significantly increase your risk of fire damage to your property.

Bee removal should be left to the professionals. It is a tricky process and if done incorrectly, it can produce catastrophic events.


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