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Unseasonable Weather Keeps Honeybees Active

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Opposite of most of the U.S., the southwestern United States has experienced warm, summer weather during its winter months. Usually the drop in temperature during the winter seaon will keep bees from venturing outside the hive because of their inability to fly in cold temperatures. But with the bright sun keeping the weather in the 70s and 80s, bees are able to roam freely without any risk of being unable to return to the bee colony.

The odd bee activity at this time of year is specifically true for bees in Mesa, AZ. A couple of bee attacks have occurred within the last week in this area.

In one particular situation, a swarm of bees were noticed in the backyard of a Mesa resident’s home. A bee exterminator attempted to remove the hive but the size of the nest was underestimated. The bee colony population was much larger than anticipated by the exterminator making the technique and precautions for the bee removal ineffective.

The disturbed bees immediately attacked anyone within the vicinity, including the exterminator’s wife and two kids. The bee attack victims were treated at the local hospital and experienced no serious injuries.

The lesson to be learned is that the bee season is near (and already here in some parts of the U.S). Never attempt a bee removal without proper equipment and experience. If you do not possess these two things, call a bee removal professional.

If you do possess the tools and knowledge for effective bee removal and are confident in completing the job, always do a proper evaluation of the hive. Apply smoke to the nest to calm the bees before any extraction is performed.

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