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Beekeeping Allowed In San Diego Neighborhoods

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The San Diego City Council unanimously voted on Tuesday to permit harvesting bees, chickens, and goats in residential backyards. The action was taken to promote urban agriculture. However, there are limitations enforced for these inner-city farms.

Now San Diego residents can have the resources to supply their own food within a few feet of their backdoor. Urban agriculturalists in San Diego will no longer need to visit grocery stores for honey, eggs, cheese, and milk. Backyard animals will provide common items from their grocery lists.

The council has also allowed produce stands and small neighborhood farms to grow and sell produce on their business location.

Our city planner, Dan Joyce, commented on the recent law changes. He said “access to local food is important” and there are “many benefits that can come from having local sources for food.”

The zoning approval should satisfy the recent spike in demand for local products and food. Advocates believe the change will reduce our carbon and stabilize our food resources.

There is protection for homeowners skeptical of allowing farm animals in the neighborhood.

The rules that apply are as follows:

• Maximum of two beehives allowed for most properties

• Roosters are banned

• Miniature goats that are de-horned only

• Two goats must be present, no more or less.

For residents concerned about bee infestations, experienced beekeepers will know how to control the hive. The beekeeper should be able to manage the hive so that the colony does not invade neighborhood homes.

Bee-proofing your home is always an effective option to ensure that your home is not susceptible to bee infestations.

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